Wednesday, October 3, 2007


The Admin Team represented at the JANES Expo 2007! We handed out JANES pencils, JANES ministry cards and Atomic Bomb jawbreakers! We got lots of interested JANES wanting to volunteer for this awesome ministry! If you were unable to attend the Expo and would like to be a part of the Admin Team, contact Alisa to get put on the Admin Newsletter!

We still need volunteers for the Welcoming Team. The Welcoming Team volunteers mail and pray over all flyers that get sent to interested BAF women attenders. They welcome and get flyers to the Class 101 women attenders. And they mail and pray over the postcards sent to women who have joined the church!

Also, we still need volunteers for the Public Relation Team. The Public Relation Team volunteers attend citywide Christian events in order to write articles and/or take photos of these events for the BAF JANES Blog site and for the JUST JANES Newsletter. We need women willing to stay current with the happenings of Christian events at our Church and in our community!