About Janes

The JANES Women’s Ministry understands that God has created each woman at Bay Area Fellowship uniquely. We know that each woman has different talents and passions, and that each woman is in different seasons of life and walks of faith. Our desire is to design a Women’s Ministry that will fit the needs of every woman in a way that will bring her closer to God and closer to others. Our prayer is that every woman finds her niche in the JANES Women’s Ministry.

Thank you for visiting our BAF JANES Blog Site. We are excited to see what God does through you!

Get Involved

1) See Jane Serve: Please contact Connie at seejaneserve@yahoo.com

Join the JANES Administrative Staff in the First Impression's Team and/or JANES Office Darlings, please contact Daphne at seejanelead@yahoo.com .

2) See Jane Connect: Get Involved with a Hometeam!

Join and/or start a Hometeam, please contact April at april.atkinson@yahoo.com.

3) See Jane Reach: Community Outreach Group!

Join and/or start a Community Outreach Group, please contact Marta at martp26@yahoo.com.

4) See Jane Grow: Get Involved with a Bible Study!

Join and/or facilitate a Bible Study, please contact Alene at alene@alenesnodgrass.com.

To join a One on One with God discipleship group contact Alisa at alisahopewagner@yahoo.com

5) See Jane Glo: Get Involved with JANES EVENTS!

Participate in JANES Events and/or help plan an event, please contact Robin at seejaneshine@gmail.com

Office Darlings

If you would like to be a JANES Office Darling and help the JANES Women's Ministry acheive the every day office tasks necessary to keep our women's ministry running smoothly, we would love to have your help. We need volunteers to help with making copies, doing data-entry, making phone calls, etc.

If you would like to join this team, please e-mail the Office Darlings team leader, Connie Ramirez at seejaneserve@yahoo.com.

First Impression Team

FIT is an Administration Team that focuses on bringing women into the Christ-centered community of JANES! You will be able to volunteer at your own pace and around your busy schedule.

The FIT team makes sure all new women at Bay Area Fellowship receive information on how to get plugged into our women's ministry. This team attends membership class to welcome and pass out fun gift bags, mails out welcome notes and JANES brochures, e-mails information, and places follow up phone calls to make sure all questions have been answered regarding JANES

If you would like to join this team, please e-mail the FIT leader, Connie Walker, at igniteforhim@gmail.com.

Connie Walker- FIT Team Leader

Cheryl Tooley- FIT Team Coordinator (Mail)

Julia Pons- FIT Team Coordinator (E-Mail)

FIT Team Coordinator (Phone Calls) volunteer position is open